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We Partner with Intrado to Keep your K-12 Students and Personnel Safe.

We are excited to announce that Mobile Edge Team is now partnering with Intrado to bring our clients the powerful Intrado offering. The Intrado Safety Shield and Revolution solution for K-12 offers a unified, comprehensive emergency communication and safety management system tailored to educational environments.

About Intrado Safety

Intrado Safety Suite enhances school safety by providing an integrated platform for emergency response and communication. It facilitates real-time coordination with law enforcement, streamlined lockdown procedures, and instant mass notifications to parents, staff, and students. This comprehensive approach not only speeds up emergency response times, ensuring swift action in critical situations, but also fosters a safer, more informed school environment, ultimately enhancing the overall security and well-being of students and educators.

Intrado Safety Shield Provides K-12 District Security

Everbridge Safety Connection is a dynamic safety and security solution, designed to locate and communicate with employees during critical events. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring rapid response and enhanced protection for personnel, both on-site and remotely, thereby upholding organizational duty of care and operational continuity.

Safety Sheild and Revolution Combined

Combined Integration:​

When Intrado Safety Shield and Revolution are integrated, schools benefit from a robust, all-encompassing solution that combines the specialized, school-focused safety features of Safety Shield with the broad communication and integration capabilities of Revolution. This synergy:

  • Ensures a Holistic Approach: Offers a unified system for both targeted, school-specific safety measures and wide-reaching communication strategies.

  • Improves Response Efficiency: Enhances the speed and efficiency of emergency responses by leveraging Revolution's extensive integration capabilities with Safety Shield's tailored safety protocols.

  • Broadens Communication Channels: Expands the methods and reach of communication during crises, ensuring that all stakeholders, including first responders, staff, students, and parents, receive timely and relevant information.

While Intrado Safety Shield provides critical, school-specific safety functionalities, Revolution offers a flexible and extensive communication framework. Their integration ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and effective emergency management and communication solution tailored to the unique needs of K-12 educational settings.

Integrado Revolution and Safety Shield, when integrated, offer a comprehensive safety and communication ecosystem for K-12 schools, yet they serve distinct roles within this framework.

Intrado Safety Shield:

Focuses on enhancing the security infrastructure within schools. It is specifically designed to address school safety needs by providing tools for emergency preparedness, incident management, and critical communication with stakeholders.

  • School-Centric Features: Includes features tailored for educational environments, such as automated lockdown procedures, real-time collaboration with local law enforcement, and panic button alerts.

  • Enhanced Parental Communication: Facilitates direct and timely communication with parents during emergencies, providing updates and instructions to ensure student safety.

Intrado Revolution:

Serves as a broader communication platform that can integrate various systems and technologies for mass notification and emergency response, not limited to educational settings.​

  • Versatility and Integration: Capable of integrating with a wide range of devices and systems, offering flexibility in how messages are dispatched and received.

  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for diverse environments including schools, making it adaptable for comprehensive emergency communication needs.

Integrating Safety Shield and Revolution

Integrating Intrado Revolution with Safety Shield offers K-12 schools a powerful, unified solution for emergency communication and response. This combination enhances safety through seamless alert systems, real-time information sharing, and coordinated actions, ensuring rapid, effective responses to crises, thereby safeguarding students, staff, and facilities.

The Wearable Panic Button

The Intrado Wearable Panic Button offers instant emergency alert capabilities, enhancing safety for individuals in schools, hospitals, and workplaces. By providing a discreet, accessible way to send alerts and pinpoint the user's location, it enables rapid response in crisis situations. This technology fosters a safer environment, ensuring peace of mind for users and faster coordination with emergency responders, thereby minimizing response times and potentially saving lives.


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