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We Partner with Everbridge to provide you with the Security you Need for Your Business

We are excited to announce that Mobile Edge Team is now partnering with Everbridge to bring our clients the powerful Entrado offering. Everbridge revolutionizes safety management, seamlessly integrating critical communication and emergency response, ensuring swift action when seconds count. "With Everbridge, your safety is not just a priority, it's a guarantee."

Mass Notification Saves Lives and Secures People and Assets

Everbridge's Mass Notification system offers rapid, reliable dissemination of critical information across multiple channels, enabling organizations to effectively communicate in emergencies, streamline response efforts, and enhance safety for individuals and communities by ensuring timely alerts and instructions are received by all affected parties.

Safety Connection is the Solution for Your People on the Go

Mass Notification and Safety Connection Compared

  • Safety Status: Allows individuals to mark themselves as safe or request assistance, providing real-time safety status updates to responders.

  • Integration with Physical Security Systems: Can be integrated with access control and other physical security systems for a comprehensive safety approach.

​Comparison and Use Cases:

  • Scope of Use: Mass Notification is more suited for broad communication needs across an entire organization or community, regardless of individuals' locations. Safety Connection is tailored for targeted, location-specific communication, ideal for incidents like natural disasters or localized threats where you need to reach individuals in a specific area.

  • Application: Organizations might use Mass Notification for general alerts, such as office closures or company-wide announcements. Safety Connection, with its emphasis on location and safety status, is crucial for precise emergency responses, like evacuating a building or accounting for employees after a natural disaster.

While Everbridge Mass Notification excels in wide-reaching, rapid communication during emergencies, Everbridge Safety Connection provides advanced, location-based features that enhance the organization's ability to protect individuals based on their real-time or last-known location. The choice between the two, or integrating both, depends on the specific needs and emergency preparedness strategies of an organization.

Everbridge Mass Notification and Everbridge Safety Connection are both integral components of Everbridge's suite of critical event management solutions, designed to help organizations manage and respond to emergencies. However, they serve distinct functions and offer unique benefits:

Everbridge Mass Notification:

  • Primary Function: Designed to send alerts and notifications to large groups of people quickly and efficiently. It focuses on widespread communication during critical events.

  • Advantages:

    • Broad Reach: Can disseminate information to a wide audience across multiple communication channels including SMS, email, voice calls, and social media.

    • Customizable Messages: Allows for the creation of targeted messages based on the audience or situation.

    • Rapid Deployment: Ensures timely distribution of crucial information during emergencies.

Everbridge Safety Connection:

  • Primary Function: Aims to keep people safe and informed by leveraging location-based services. It's focused on identifying where individuals are located during a crisis and communicating specifically with those in the impacted area.

  • Advantages:

    • Location-Based Notifications: Enables organizations to send notifications to people based on their real-time or last-known location, ensuring that messages are highly relevant.

Safety at Scale with the Systems for Global Outreach

What Does Everbridge Do?

Everbridge specializes in critical event management, with its Safety Connection offering as a cornerstone. This solution focuses on safeguarding employees through precise location tracking and efficient communication during emergencies, ensuring rapid response and enhanced security for personnel in diverse environments, thereby reinforcing organizational resilience and safety protocols.

We will help you better understand how Everbridge can help you

Everbridge 360 offers a comprehensive, integrated critical event management solution. It efficiently coordinates response efforts and communication during crises, ensuring rapid, informed decision-making and stakeholder safety, thus minimizing operational disruptions for organizations.

Everbridge Safety Connection is a dynamic safety and security solution, designed to locate and communicate with employees during critical events. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring rapid response and enhanced protection for personnel, both on-site and remotely, thereby upholding organizational duty of care and operational continuity.

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