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Mobile Data, Information, and How we make it work for you.

We develop solutions for business that are created in a way that provides customization for our clients so it does what they need it to do to communicate, collaborate, and share information. Custom applications and AI Expert Systems will optimize your workforce.


Team-Zones for Collaboration, Information Sharing, Operations, and Safety.

Team-Zones can be Your Advantage

You can have access to your own mobile app that will work on your iOS, Android, and Windows devices anytime wherever you go. It works when you are connected to the Internet, and when you are not. Every time you open the app, it will synchronize so that all your app updates are made dynamically, and it is always ready to let you do your work and access the information and productivity tools you need as part of your daily workflow.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of Team-Zone capabilities. We are confident you, like many other clients using the platform, will find that it is powerful and flexible and will make a positive difference in your operations.

What can it do for You?

Team-Zones is a no-code development platform that allows you to mobilize your information resources that give you a custom, easy-to-use interface for accessing online information and resources, media files stored within the app, and electronic form data collection capabilities that allow for creating robust productivity and workflow solutions for your information and operations technology. 

We will work with you and your team(s) on designing and developing your custom application and can help you manage it as your needs change and the site needs to be updated. Depending on your ultimate plan, we will transition platform management to your team and continue to provide professional support as requested.

Team-Zones Capabilities

Team-Zones offers a comprehensive suite of functions, features, and capabilities designed to enhance mobile workforce management and operational efficiency:

  • No-Code Apps: The Application Studio allows for the creation of custom apps with a vast selection of colors, icons, and imagery, all without the need for coding.

  • Inspections, Audits, Timecards: Process over 20,000 mobile inspection forms, audit forms, and timecards daily, facilitating a seamless transition to digital operations.

  • Document Synchronization: Effortlessly upload and distribute documents to mobile devices based on various criteria like title or region.

  • GPS Tracking: Monitor user movements with detailed breadcrumb trails, incorporating times, speeds, directions, and geo-fencing, plus interactive mapping.

  • Store and Forward: Designed for uninterrupted productivity, apps function flawlessly with or without network coverage.

  • Advanced Diagnostics: Logs and tracks user activity to aid in technical support.

  • Job Assignments: Efficiently assign locations to users and managers.

  • Trouble-Ticketing System: Intuitive, color-driven interface for managing job tickets, including assignment, completion, and reporting from the field.

  • Field Labor Automation: Offers comprehensive tools for performance proof, training, reporting, and tracking sales.

  • Back-Office Integration: Compatible with various databases and cloud services, enabling automated data synchronization.

  • No-Code Forms: Create dynamic forms with visual guidance, dropdown menus, embedded documents, photo capture, and more, enhancing user interaction and data accuracy.

  • Push Notification: Customizable notifications tailored to individual or group profiles, supporting real-time communication.

  • Analytics: Real-time data export to Excel and integration with analytic systems, facilitated by user-friendly dashboards.

  • Heat Mapping: Visualize data geographically for insights on volume, schedule, priority, and status, with custom reporting and global mapping capabilities.

  • Language Support: Auto-translation for apps and forms, accommodating various languages on mobile devices.

  • Tier-Based User Management: Manage users across different hierarchical tiers, segregating server and mobile access.

  • Scheduling: Interactive calendar for job scheduling, synchronized with mobile devices.

  • Asset Management: Real-time tracking of assets using QR codes, barcodes, beacons, or RFID technology.

  • Proof of Performance: Combine various data points like scanning, photos, and GPS for real-time execution reports.

  • Custom Development: Tailored development services to maximize return on investment and optimize workflows.

  • Mobile Interoperability: Supports Windows 10, Android, iOS, and HTML5, allowing a mix of applications across different devices.

  • Custom News Feed: Distribute and track custom content in an engaging, news channel-like format.

  • Compliance Tools: Detailed tracking of document interactions, form completions, and acknowledgments.

  • Escalation and Alerts: Set custom notifications for specific events or behaviors, alerting relevant individuals or groups instantly.

  • Messaging Platform: Cross-platform messaging system compatible with Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

  • Location & Assets: Manage a vast number of locations and assets globally, with import and assignment capabilities.

  • Reports and Dashboards: Diverse reporting and dashboard tools for data analysis, featuring customization and export options.

  • Supply Chain Management: End-to-end mobile and real-time reporting solutions for supply chain management.

  • Actionable Intelligence: Merge compliance data with user behavior for comprehensive insights.

  • Consulting: Expert consulting services from industry pioneers in mobile workforce management since 1994.

Team-Zones' platform is designed for versatility and efficiency, providing robust solutions for mobile workforce management and operational optimization.


AI Expert Systems Tailor Made for You

Every business and organization will take advantage of AI sooner or later. We believe those who choose sooner, will be glad they did later. Mobile Edge brings your expert systems to those in your office and in the field so they have the advantage of knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.


Our AI Expert System offers a conversational AI experience, providing users with interactive, natural language responses. It can answer questions, assist with tasks, generate creative content, and engage in dialogue, leveraging vast information and learning capabilities to simulate human-like conversation and problem-solving.


Our custom AI Expert Systems enhance the GPT experience for your group collaboration. It allows multiple users to interact with a shared AI model, facilitating teamwork and joint projects. Our Team version includes features for managing access, such as permission controls, to ensure secure and organized collaboration. It also provides advanced analytics and customization options, enabling teams to tailor the AI's responses to their specific needs and track usage patterns for improved efficiency and productivity.


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