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Connecting People, Equipment, Assets, for Productivity & Safety

Mobile Edge Team has partnered with VOS Systems so we can provide you with the AI-assisted technology for your organization. VOS technology provides you with the platform that can be used for personal safety, improving productivity, lowering your operational costs, and allowing for actionable insights into your use of assets including your personnel, equipment, assets, and tools for your operations and projects.​ We will help you realize the benefits of working with VOS Solutions and make your people safer and more productive while increasing your bottom line. 

Operational Excellence with Actionable Intelligence

VOS Core presents a cutting-edge solution tailored for modern workplace management, especially focusing on timekeeping and personal safety. This innovative offering utilizes Cellular IoT technology, ensuring seamless connectivity and real-time analytics. It's designed to streamline operations, notably in improving worker productivity and enhancing jobsite safety and security. The system's key features include:

  • Automated payroll management through efficient clock-in/out processes,

  • Emergency alerts like 'Man Down' notifications, and

  • Comprehensive tracking for workers, equipment, and assets.

The platform's real-time insights, powered by AI optimization, not only bolster operational efficiency but also significantly elevate safety standards. VOS Core's capability to integrate with T-Mobile IoT service extends its functionality, making it an ideal choice for executives seeking a reliable, smart, and efficient resource management system that prioritizes employee safety and accurate timekeeping.

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