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Work anywhere at any time to keep your enterprise running for mobile and fixed wireless systems.


We have advanced solutions for supporting personnel, equipment, and tools with tracking and AI reporting & portal access.


Mobility is critical to growing your business to maintain an edge with mobile app and other cloud-based solutions.

Adding Value
How We Add Value for You

Our organization specializes in providing you with subject matter experts in all things mobile and provides the solutions you need for a mobilized workforce, machine-to-machine networking, Internet of Things (IoT), and business continuity. In addition, we have the cloud-based solutions for helping your personnel communicate, collaborate, and share information with hosted services. We consult with you to determine the best value for your business to grow and thrive in the mobile digital age.

Best Solutins
Offering You the Best Mobile Solutions 

Value-Added Solutions

Total Cost Reduction Strategy

Qualified Professionals

It's not enough to sell products and services without providing context for your application of technology in your business. We provide the consultancy to help you succeed. 

Low prices are only one part of your overall investment and total cost of ownership. You can count on us to be innovative in bringing you the technology you need affordable to you.

Experience and knowledge help us help you in providing a wide-range of perspectives and options for your business operations in communicating, collaborating, and sharing information.

Quality Brands
Selling only Quality Brands
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Mobile Edge Team sells products and services from leading technology partners such as those displayed to the left - and hundreds more. We can source from thousands of hardware items based on your needs.

We provide mobile enabled solutions for communicating, collaborating, and sharing information in the digital, mobile age. You will benefit from our expert staff and have the support you need to get the most options at competitive prices to upgrade your organization's capabilities to use - and benefit from - today's leading mobile solutions for you.

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