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BREAKING NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Communicate real-time information updates and notices.
Web-based shortcuts and local file storage and management.
Mobile informatics and advanced data collection and reporting.
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Today's mobile workforce needs to stay in touch with organizational news, activities, and programs. Using Team-Zones, your employees and stakeholders can get the most current breaking news, collect data to create information-based actionable reports, share digital resources, and bridge the digital divide you knw you need to cross for the future of your business. Mobile Edge brings you a customized information hub that keeps your stakeholders informed while allowing them to process and access the information they need to exceed expectations. Let us show you how we can help you meet these needs for a more productive and informed users.

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Customized applications that are purpose-built for your organization allow you to make the most of your stakeholder capabilities and productivity with digital information services. Mobile Edge is your expert in creating these digital tools for your organization for public and private-sector organizations. Contact us, and we will work with you to develop an app solution ranging from breaking news and links to fully customized enterprise workflow data collection, reports, and dashboards.

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Information Access

Worldwide Actionable Intelligence

Team-Zones platform is an Enterprise-Grade remote worker solution for knowledge workers and field operations personnel. Team-Zones platform is used in more than 80 countries and in 50 languages around the world. Team-Zones combines real-time GPS supported field data collection; interactive field labor training (including real-time video and document distribution); corporate breaking news feeds with a full-featured cloud service offering supporting global dynamic reporting; customized executive/global dashboards; language translation; back-office integration capabilities and more.


Designed as an open-ended turn-key solution, you are enabled to build highly unique field labor management systems on-the-fly. Mobile Application support includes store-and-forward technology, bar coding, photo capture, signature capture, document, graphic and video integration as well as a wide variety of functions to create a unique, powerful and custom environment for your organization. Team-Zones brings the power in which you need to fully automate your remote workers with a feature rich easy to use system for your users.



  • Enterprise-Grade field labor management; dynamic functionality, interactive training, file distribution, breaking news, interactive multiple direction language conversion.

  • Field labor management software for outsourced field labor firms. Your firm would be representing multiple products for multiple customers in multiple distribution channels.

  • GPS supported real-time inspection forms, time cards, sales forms, work orders, delivery forms/any type of form in which you wish to automate.

  • Mobile Training System (MTS) specifically designed to help companies deliver and track trainings of both their field staff as well as trainings that field staff deliver to others.

Team-Zones Functions, Features, and Capabilities

No-Code Apps

Match your vision with the Application Studio. Select from millions of colors, 1000 icons, your own imagery with 100s other features and functions all on-the-fly.

Inspections, Audits, Timecards

Every day over 20,000 mobile inspection forms, audit forms and timecards are processed for our customers. Want to go digital? This is the right place.

Document Synchronization

Upload any document to our system and instantly distribute that to any mobile device by title, region or to any individual or group.


Track breadcrumb trails by all users and incorporate start and stop times, speed, direction, geo-fencing, etc. + interactive mapping.

Store and Forward

All natively designed apps are designed to work 100% in and out of coverage to ensure no interruption of productivity and workflow.

Advanced Diagnostics

Multiple mobile tools that log and track all user activity to assist in technical support when required.

Job Assignments

Assign users pre-defined locations; assign managers to users.

Trouble-Ticketing System

Enter job tickets, assign to users, users can complete, pass over and report new issues/jobs from the field. Easy to use color-driven interface.

Field Labor Automation

Proof of performance, proof of execution, training, reporting, inspections, audits, sales tracking and presentations.

Back-Office Integration

No matter your database, cloud or 3rd party product, automated bridges pushing and pulling data is supported.

No-Code Forms

Combine visual guidance, drop down menus, links, imbedded documents, photo capture, QR/barcode scanning, links, required fields, skip/conditional logic and hundreds more.

Push Notification

Send messages to individuals and groups broken out by title, location, etc. Apps support a custom push notification and message history log.


All collected data can be exported to Microsoft Excel in real-time. Use multiple useful dashboards or pass data to your own analytic systems.

Heat Mapping

Plot your data on a map by volume, schedule date, priority, location, status and more. Custom reports, icons and global mapping supported.


Translation platform available to convert apps and forms to other languages. Auto recognition of language supported on mobile devices.

Tier-Based User Management

Add users to hierarchical tiers to separate server access and mobile access features. Supports unlimited titles.


Calendar supports managers and users scheduling jobs; interactive with mobile devices.

Asset Management

QR Code, Barcode, Bluetooth Beacon or RFID, any asset (vehicle, equipment, display, etc.) can be tacked, tracked and assessed in near real time.

Proof of Performance

Combine scanning, photo, GPS and any self-created mobile survey, audit or inspection produce near real-time execution reports.

Custom Development

Development services are offered to ensure your organization receives the highest return on investment and most optimal workflow possible.

Mobile Interoperability

True native support for Microsoft Windows 10, Android, iOS and HTML5. Mix or match applications to phones, tablets or personal computers.

Custom News Feed

Designed to look and feel like a commercial news channel, distribute and track your own content to your users in the most graphical and inspiring way.

Compliance Tools

Tracked down to the individual who opened a document, completed a form, acknowledge a push notification/message.

Escalation and Alerts

From any submitted form/behavior, set a custom escalation or alert to any individual or group to be notified of that event in near real-time.

Messaging Platform

Send messages to users or groups using a custom messaging platform cross supporting Windows 10, iOS and Android.

Location & Assets

Supporting 100 locations in one city or 100,000 locations globally, import your assets/destination list to be assigned to users.

Reports and Dashboards

Multiple reports and dashboard to track and analyze your data. Custom options and exporting options available.

Supply Chain Management

From end-to-end or working with other vendors, we can help you with your mobile and real-time reporting supply chain needs.

Actionable Intelligence

Combine compliance tracking of messaging, surveys, documents with other cross-comparative user behavior and data.


Our team of leading experts have been producing lead-edge mobile solutions since 1994 and are considered industry pioneers in mobile workforce management.

TZ Features
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