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New hot spot capabilities comes to T-Mobile with the new remote management software from Franklin for their T9 hot spots. Now, anyone with these T9 hot spots can take advantage of remote management and device security, monitoring, and changing settings as needed without having to touch the device.

Franklin Pintrac Product
Pintrac Server for Hot Spot MDM

Franklin T9 Hot Spot

The T9 hot spot is specific to T-Mobile and has been used widely for government and business accounts nationwide. Now, the T9 is getting a remote management solution that allows T9 administrators to remotely setup, secure, and control these hot spots from afar.

Pintrac MDM Server for T9 Remote Management

The T9 hot spot uses the Pintrac solution to directly control the settings and configuration of devices. Any school or enterprise can benefit from having this comprehensive remote device management. Simplification in configuration management means the same configuration - or different configurations can be pushed at any time to the T9s in your environment. Making changes is quick and easy and the devices can be managed by regions or groups as needed. For content filtering, multiple options are available either from T-Mobile or from other content filtering providers.


Download our Pintrac Datasheet for additional details.

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