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T-Mobile is providing a hot spot solution for students and other users who need Internet access The T-Mobile offering of Franklin T9 and T10 hot spots can be remotely managed with our Pintrac MDM service. Mobile Edge provides the service and support to get your Pintrac MDM portal setup, upload your hot spots in the portal, and provide live training for your administrators.

This landing page is your go-to source for getting your Pintrac MDM up and running. Once you have ordered your T9 and/or T10 hot spots, your T-Mobile Implementation Management Team will work with Mobile Edge to complete the Pintrac MDM account set up.  Please complete the Pintrac Portal Creation Request form and register for an upcoming training session so we can have you ready to give your students and users their hot spots for Internet access on the nations fastest 5G/4G LTE network!

PinTrac Program Review
Pintrac Server for Hot Spot MDM

T-Mobile Franklin T9 Hot Spot Solution

The T9 and T10 hot spots are specific to T-Mobile and have been used widely for government and business accounts nationwide. Both hot spots have mobile device management that allows hot spot administrators to remotely setup, secure, and control these hot spots from afar.

Getting Started Means You will be in Control ASAP!


The T9 and T10 hot spot uses the Pintrac solution to remotely control the settings and configuration of devices. We want to make the Printrac MDM set up process as simple as possible. Please review the following steps that will take you through creating your portal, scheduling portal training, and how to get professional services support if you need it.

  1. Go to the Pintrac Portal Creation Request form below, review it, make any adjustments to the options, and submit it so we can build your district's portal.

  2. When the portal is built, your administrators identified in the form will receive an email notification with the portal login information and can explore the portal.

  3. Your T-Mobile Implementation Manager will in the meantime provide us with the hot spot details we need to enroll all of your hot spots into the portal with the settings you selected in the form.

  4. You and your administrators can attend at your convenience any of our three weekly scheduled live training sessions. 

  5. Finally, if you find that you need additional one-on-one help, we have a professional services team with whom you can schedule a support session.


We look forward to working with you and your T-Mobile team to help your students stay safe and connected to their teachers and schools!

Pintrac Portal Request Form
PinTrac Training Registeration

Your Mobile Edge Team will Work with You and T-Mobile

to get your Pintrac MDM Portal Created and T9s Enrolled


Once you have submitted your configuration information for your T9 HotSpots, Mobile Edge will get started building your portal. We will need to receive all the T9 device and plan and device information from your 

  1. We will set up the configuration variables for your build configuration request.

  2. When we receive the device and plan information for your T9 HotSpots from your T-Mobile sales team or from you, we will complete the bulk upload form and send it to production to build your portal.

  3. It can take up to two business days to build your portal upon receiving all the information in 1 and 2.


Getting Started with your Pintrac MDM Portal 

  1. You can access your Pintrac MDM account via the following link to the login page:

  2. Your temporary login password will be Mdm@1234S

  3. Click “change password” immediately change from default and add your own password.

  4. The account portal uses multifactor authentication, so your registered mobile phone number will need to be with you when you log in to your portal to receive the verification code via SMS.

Important: When you first login to your account:

  1. Review the configuration and perform bulk operation to “Group Level Actions”

  2. Select your Organization

  3. Select Device Group

  4. Select your Config Mode

  5. Click on Confirm to complete the process.

  6. Download detailed steps

  7. Allow about 4 hours after any bulk operation.*

* All T9 hotspots need to be charged to at least 40 percent, or charged to 20 percent and connected to a power charger plugged into a power source, for the updates and configuration changes to be initiated and processed.

When using the setup option: 


You need to consider some issues on how you manage your T9 HotSpots if your licenses for your Pintrac MDM have expired. When you need to make changes to, or troubleshoot, your T9s, you will need to do so manually and locally. You will need to have possession of the T9 to make changes using a local browser to connect to the URL for the web interface access page. Here are some best practices that you need to make sure are followed in the setup phase:

  1. All T9 HotSpots must be turned on prior to the end of the 30-day setup period for the changes to take effect. If T9s stay in the box - and are not turned on in the 30-day window - then your configuration changes will not take effect.

  2. Make sure that you choose the SSID name and password and apply it to all hotspots during the 30-day period. Any changes can not be made to the T9s from the MDM once you no longer are licensed to use the Pintrac MDM. All changes without the MDM option will have to be made manually with possession of the device locally via browser.

  3. Make sure the Web Interface access is enabled and not turned off. After the MDM is no longer available, the ONLY way to make changes is by using the web interface and a browser manually and locally. Creating a strong password for the web interface access will prevent anyone from accessing the T9 settings and making changes who should not be allowed access to do so.

The Pintrac MDM can be made operation again by purchasing new licenses, and setup charges may apply.

Training is available and you may register for as many sessions as you, and other administrators, may want to participate. Support is provided in the Pintrac portal, however you can download the User Manual to have it saved locally for access. We offer professional services for advanced portal configuration support. 


Your Mobile Edge Pintrac contact is Warren Wittek (Warren@MobileEdge.US). Warren can help you with any portal-related resources you may need. For any T-Mobile network connection or T9 hotspot issues, please reach out to your T-Mobile team or T-Mobile Team of Experts for support. 

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